Glad that's over...

Wow, our weekend went by so fast and now it's already TUESDAY!!!  I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who prayed for me over the weekend.  Due to your prayers I made it through 2 scary things without completely losing my mind!

The first project of last week was finishing our taxes.  We were super busy with a newborn during tax season and had gotten an extension.  Well, it's now almost October so I HAD to get them done before the IRS came knocking at our door.  I am only missing a few pieces of info and then that yucky project will officially be taken care of.

The second (and scariest) project for the week was that it was my turn to speak at our church this weekend.  I've spoken before, but this was the first time in almost two years AND the first time since we've had two services.  Beyond that, the subject matter was endurance, which isn't something I really wanted to talk about because I always end up a mess in front of people when I talk about our story.  I hate crying when speaking, it feels ridiculous and scary/way too vulnerable.  Anyways, I made it through.  I was satisfied with the first service and want to forget about the second.  Regardless,  I am SO SO glad its over.

Now I face a quick week filled with a bit of work here and there and A LOT of housework that was left behind from last week.  THEN we're off to the beach for a couple days, I can't wait!

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