Noah...is that you?

I'm a born and bred Oregonian. The rain that baffles the rest of the country only makes me feel more at home. Even when it rains non-stop for what feels like 40 days and nights I'm rarely the one to complain. I HATE being hot, so the longer the temperatures stay in the 60s, the better for me. (I told you I was a TRUE Oregonian!) We are now staring down the barrel at June, however, and it is STILL raining! We had about a 5 day break of clear skies and high 70s and then back to rain. It hasn't been just any old rain either, its been torrential down pour. I'm honestly expecting to hear the voice of the Lord summoning us to build an ark any day now. Our lawn is nothing but mush. Our gutters have become expert fountains. Our driveway now believes it's a slip and slide. Our dog has decided to hibernate and refuses anything that requires stepping onto the mud that was once our backyard. If the rain doesn't stop soon Elli may have to just learn to swim in our street puddles for fun since she has now scoured every inch of the house for entertainment. Rain, rain...RAIN! Dear Rain, I understand it's your duty to make this beautiful region green and fancy, but there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Do you mind taking a break for a few weeks? I have projects to do! I have a house to sell! I have a toddler that has decided toilet licking is a great way to spend her time! Please, please, please go to the Mojave...or Texas, I hear it's hot and dry there and I'm sure they'd appreciate your visit. I'm not asking you to leave forever, just until it's so hot (85ish) that I start longing for you again. Thanks. Sincerely, Jenn...and many other Oregonians


Goodbye House

Friday Brian and I met with the realtors that helped us by our home 5 and 1/2 years ago. We have decided to put our house on the market after Memorial day weekend. It feels quite surreal. We LOVE this house. It's not going to be easy to see someone else have there way with it. In this house we have painted, repainted, refloored, and learned how replace ugly molding with pretty molding. In this house we have cried and ached and mourned the loss of two babies. In this house we entered our thirties. In this house we FINALLY bought brand new furniture and said goodbye to the hand-me-downs. In this house we have celebrated the ultimate gift of Elliana. In this house we have poured out our heart's desires to God. In this house we cautiously voiced those dreams to one another. In this house we've become strong enough to give those dreams to God and accept His giant plans. Now, part of those plans are saying goodbye to this house. We're very excited about moving closer in to SE and becoming a part of the community we are starting Hopecity in. If I could, however, I would just pick up this house and move it to Woodstock. BUT, since moving a house isn't exactly realistic, I get to be excited about finding a new home for our new season AND having a new place to decorate! mmm...my favorite! I can already feel the creative juices flowing! :) ****Will you pray with me that all of these transitions go smoothly? Will you pray that we get the most we can out of this house and that we find the perfect house for our next place? Will you pray that it's all done before the summer is over? I know you will and I'm so thankful for your support through prayer.****



Thank you to all who had us in your prayers yesterday. We had an evening filled with great people wanting to know more or be a part of Hopecity. I had a wave of awe and sense of deep honor wash over me last night as I looked at people willing to take this huge leap of faith with us. I am so excited for final decisions to be made and the first gathering of our real deal team. I know God is forming the exact group of eclectic people we need for our very special spot in Portland. If you could continue to keep us all in your prayers as people weigh there decisions to join us I would be so grateful.
On the home front we are making progress as well. Miss Elli has decided to be sneaky about her walking. If we are "not watching" she often sneaks in several steps from one object to another, but as soon as she knows she has an audience...PLOP, back to the floor. I'm fairly convinced she takes jogs around the house when I'm busy doing chores. How else could one tiny body make so many giant messes?
In the meantime she's apparently been practing her Glamour Shots pose. Too bad no one told her spaghetti orange was so last season.


Please Pray

Hello all of my friends (and Polish mystery)! I just wanted to drop a quick note asking for your prayers. Tonight is our first info/open house meeting for Hopecity Church. I cannot even explain how excited I am. My husband has been working like a mad man filing legal documents, opening accounts, choosing logos, networking (meetings, meetings meetings), and writing out at least 27 drafts for our vision and mission packets. That has all been exciting, but having people gather for the church plant just seems to make it all more real. It's a scary thing, this decision to branch out, roll up our sleeves and start a church. From the starting line all church planters are told of all the odds stacked against you. There are few guarantees that it will work. There are few promises that you will have an income a year from now. It's scary....and thrilling! We can do very little to cause our church to grow, thrive and to reach the unsaved, but that is what makes this adventure great. Where we can do little, God can do MUCH. Will you pray for us today? Will you pray that the exact people we need to reach SE Portland would hear from the Holy Spirit and join us with confidence? Will you also pray the the exact people needed to stay and support our sending church will hear from God and stay? Will you pray for our pastor and my husband as they share tonight? Will you pray that a precedent and atmosphere of faith would be set tonight? Thank you so much for your prayers and for joining us on this journey. I'll be posting an update on all that happens tonight soon. Loves to you all!


Walking Shmalking

SOME people (ahem...) have been giving Miss Elli a hard time because she has decided she will do all things in the gross motor skill department when she's good and ready, not when the development charts say so. This, unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately, I'm not sure yet) includes standing independently and walking. According to our Dr. and the 534 parenting books I have, walking should occur between 9 and 15 months. I have discussed this with Elli and we have previously agreed walking will happen before her 15 month mark. She has 'til Saturday. If she's anything like her mama, she's simply waiting until the last possible minute. Why waste the value of deadline adrenaline? In the meantime Elli has decided to work on some of the more underated skills like...
discovering that the goats are NOT our favorite animals at the zoo and...
learning to crawl blindfolded and...
becoming well versed in "fancy hotel" lounging.
On a final note (and to put all Nana's at ease) Elli has spent the entire morning working on standing up from a sitting position. The results have been 2 somersaults, 42 booty bumps and 1 large rug burn on the forehead. All in all it's been a very productive morning. Now off to watch daddy beat a buddy in basketball.