2010 begins

I haven't blogged for quite sometime, primarily due to the fact that I've been gone 20 out of the last 30 days. Within that time period 2009 left with a shout and 2010 arrived screaming. Until now I haven't had a moment to boil down what I'd like to see happen in 2010 into a concise statement. (You know, one of those "I really want to impress people" statements.)

I read a blog article today by one of my favorite pastor's wives.  In it she discussed this quote...
"Stop feeding what you want to die and starving what you want to live.”
For 2010, I believe this quote explains exactly what I want to do this year.  I want to cause the right things to live and thrive in my life and the useless things to die.  This will mean a painstaking process of purposefully changing what gets fed and what gets ignored.

My heart is begging to love God more fully, live life more healthfully, and cultivate meaningful relationships.  This means I must stop starving those areas by wasting time, making excuses and hiding behind the word "busy".  Rather I must feed these areas with daily time of worship and prayer, physical exercise, healthy food and intentional relationship building.

I'm embarrassed to say it's all pretty basic, but I have yet to live a day in which I could say "I was exactly what I was meant to be, today."  I want to feed that person and starve out the fearful, insecure excuse filled one.

2010 has big things in store and I want to be ready.  So...first things first...

Lord, more than ever before, be the center of my heart.  Remove any ugly clods of hardness, hurt or sin that may be between us.  Help me to love You, honor You and bring glory to Your name.  Please lead me and guide me to be the person you planned me to be from the very beginning.  Cause me to have an appetite for diligence and a soft yeilded heart.  I love You, in Your Name, amen.