When busy, post pictures...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

"This isn't so bad, but my pinchers are ready just in case.."

"Wait-why is this guy looking at me?  Is anyone else getting nervous?"

"ok, I'm definitely nervous and definitely done now."


I want to touch this!

OH precious, beautiful touch screen computer...I really want to win you!

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Our crazy, wonderful life

Hello? Are you still there?  As the holiday season goes things have picked up from busy to super sonic insanity.  Beyond that, this is my first year trying to balance church holiday stuff, family holiday stuff, work stuff, and home WHILE trying to still be a great mommy!  I'm feeling a bit like a house of cards, but I just keep telling myself I'm still in the middle of a learning curve...right?....RIGHT?!  ha ha  I have been busy, but I have also been overwhelmed with gratitude.  As the evening of Thanksgiving was winding down I was flooded with emotion.  I have been waiting for a holiday season with my very own little family for a long long time and it's finally here!

Here are a few of the favorite things that have happened in the midst of our crazy, wonderful lives:

Elli's FIRST Thanksgiving (she couldn't get enough turkey or yams!)

Annual Christmas Parade/Black Friday Shopping Mania (Elli wasn't quite as thrilled as mommy & daddy)

PIR Dog Walk with Fam and Friends (psst...Teddy Toes is the greatest baby blanket EVER!!!)

Christmas Tree hunting at Martin's (love this place...we found near perfection this year, Elli has a good eye!)

Teaching Elli the art of tree decorating (and how NOT to touch the lights!)

Despite the busy schedule, I LOVE the holiday season!  Sharing it with Elli has made it even better!  I'm excited to share more soon, but for now answer this question: What is your absolute FAVORITE thing about this season?  Why?