Little Things

Random things make me happy. For instance, this mug makes me happy. I don't know why its this particular mug I fell in love with when we have a cupboard full of cool starbucks mugs. Yet, each morning, it is this mug I look for. Perhaps it's the little peach on it, perhaps it's because it once belonged to my friend Mindy (who abandoned it for many months in the scary church sink) or perhaps its because I have no idea how it ended up in my house. Regardless, each morning it is this mug a choose and it is this mug that brings me a little bit of happiness. What random object do you enjoy on a daily basis?


Slow Down!!!

It's hard to believe, but Elli is just two weeks away from the 3 month mark! I look at her and am in awe of how fast she is growing and changing. Since we've had her she has slept right next to our bed in her little bassinet, but (as much as I HATE it) the time has come for her to begin to transition to her own room. So, yesterday she took her first nap in her crib and from the looks of this pic, she didn't seem to mind one bit!


The Best Man

After participating in the Invisible Children rally, Brian was catching up on his sleep this morning. Elli was down for her morning nap and I had a rare hour all to myself. So, I gathered up all of the essentials (coffee with my fave cinnamon vanilla creamer, my Bible and a pen) and cozied up in the corner of my couch for a lovely moment with Jesus. I've decided to revisit the Gospel of John for a while. It's all about love and the Holy Spirit is challenging me more than ever to learn what Christ like love really is...so into John I dove. As I read I was once again amazed by John the Baptist. In my opinion John the Baptist has to be the most humble man in the Bible apart from Jesus. I challenge you to read just the first three chapters of John and examine John the Baptist. He is rising in popularity, has a significant following and the dangerous attention of the church big wigs, yet he is continually directing people's attention to Christ. When Jesus appears on the scene John's disciples become concerned about Jesus honing in on John's ministry, yet John continues to push the attention to Christ and even tells them to physically follow Christ rather than himself. My favorite verse in the first three chapters is John 3:29 in which John describes himself as the best man at a wedding who is rejoicing in the union of the Bridegroom and His bride. John then explains that he is choosing to step back more and more so that the Jesus can be the focal point of the people. John had done his job, he had helped with the wedding preparation and now it was time for the Bridegroom to reap the benefits. What a great picture! I want to be that kind of Christ follower!



I'm ready for a blog re-do. It's been over a month since I've sent my thoughts out into the blogasphere and I think it's time for a new beginning. So, here I am ready to write with a new perspective and feel. I'm not sure exactly what the end result will be, but change is coming!