To all my Polish fans

According to my Stat Counter and Google Analytics I have a consistent following in Poland.  I have never been to Poland and I don't know anyone in or from Poland.  For the past few weeks, however, my blog has had hit after hit from this region. 

So this one goes out to my cyber friends in Poland...Could you please make yourselves known?  Why do you read this blog?  How did you find it?  Are you a human being or just another computer playing tricks on me?  If you are indeed real, thanks for giving me the ability to say my blog has "international appeal" and my readers "span the globe".  ha ha


Jenn Becker


Miss Smarty Pants

Today, more than ever I realized how much I like to be right. (I can hear my husband now, guffawing as he reads that last sentence)  Those of you who know me, I fear are rolling your eyes or nodding at your computer screen saying "MMMhm!", but hear me out.

I realized today I like to be right in the sense of I like to be helpful.  I like to know tips and tidbits that make someone's day easier.  I don't do this to be Miss Smarty Pants (although I'm sure I've been interpreted that way many many times), but because I simply love to SHARE information (unforutnately I tend to share whether people like it or not, I'm working on that).  Perhaps this is because I love to RETAIN information.  It doesn't really matter what the information is about...baby food, hormones, cooking, crafting, space satellites...I just like to read and happen to easily remember.  I think I have a touch of photographic memory...either that or I'm a just a nerdy fact horder. (Stop smirking!)

ANYWAYS, as I was saying, I love it when I share a fact and it helps someone else.  I love it as much as learning a fact and it helping me.  For example, I love this helpful blog and was finally able to offer a tiny bit of help myself.  When I discovered I had helped I had this deep sense of thrill.  Is that weird?  Am I weird?  I am weird.

I'm quite aware that this trait is not without its downsides.  It can be annoying...especially to my husband.  But it can be good too...right?  I mean, what if no one ever shared what they had learned?  What if we didn't know the best way to make ganache or deter squirrels from bird feeders?  I'm pretty sure the world wouldn't be as great of a place...and there would be a lot more fat squirrels

Question of the day:  Do you have a trait that others may not appreciate as much as you do?  What is it?


SO Thankful!

holy experience

17. Elli hiding the fact she can stand on her own and getting caught
18. My baby sister home for two weeks (yes, she's always this cool)

19. Playing games with great friends...AND WINNING!
20. A quick trip to the beach
21. A perfect text from my man at the perfect time
22. Spiritually relief after some tough inward battles
23. Praise Baby DVDs (thank you, LORD!!!)
24. Seeing Pioneer Woman with my mom

25. Witnessing for the thousandth time how out going my mom is (I wish I had inherited it)
26. Taste of Home 2000 "Garlic Beef Enchiladas"
27. A great missions Sunday at church
28. These beautiful smiles
29. Fuzzy blonde hair
30. A friend that's always thinking of me and others
31. A faith building lunch with a couple from our growing launch team
32. Elli contently playing with her puzzles


Ree Stalking

I've mentioned before that I am a confessed blog stalker.  My stalking, however, pales in comparison to my mother's stalking capabilities.  I'm fairly certain my mom has an internal radar that dings in her ear before one of her favorite bloggers even has time to get up from their chair after clicking "PUBLISH POST".

Last night one of my mom's favorite bloggers (and quickly becoming one of mine) came into town for a book signing.  P-DUB was in OUR town!!!  There is only one thing better than blog stalking...that is stalking a blogger IN PERSON!  I'm only admitting this publically because stalking Ree seems to be something many people do.  We arrived to the designated hunting grounds bookstore and over 200 women were already in line ahead of us and nearly 200 more gathered behind us, babies, boyfriends and begruding husbands dragging along behind them.  I was amazed at the Ree-mania!
 Ree did a quick Q&A before the signing began and was HI-LA-RI-OUS!  Most of all she was one of us... warm, kind and very, very, real. Even though we had to wait several country years (with poor Elli in tow) before it was finally time for our BIG MOMENT few seconds with P-Dub it was worth it.  Ree was simply lovely...as were her boots.

Thank you for coming to this neck of the woods PW.  Even though you thought we all wore those dreadful Birkenstocks and attempted to speak into a mic stand without a mic it all just makes us love you more! 


Stone Free

Hello there.  I know it's been a while.  The truth is I've been avoiding you.  Well, not YOU necessarily,  more what I would TELL you.

To say last week was tough would be an understatement.  I don't know what started it exactly, but a dark heavy cloud definitely chose me as it's new best friend.  I spent the whole week feeling gloomy, grey and downright sorry for myself.  Did I mention that I have no idea what triggered it?

It was so frustrating!  I had this huge pile of what I like to call "blec" weighing on my shoulders.  Along with the "blec" came a giant load of "I can't stand myself" and "I don't think anybody else can either" and "I don't blame them" and "No one else will feel sorry for me, so I'd better".  I'm sure none of you have ever suffered this.  I'm pretty sure I'm the only one.

Thank goodness for Mondays.  That's right...MONDAYS!  While many dread Mondays (and yes I do too, occasionally), I relish them.  Monday is the mark of a new week, a chance to start clean and fresh.  I love Mondays and today was no exception.  Today was a chance to start anew, a chance to escape that nasty cloud's shadow.

At church yesterday my amazing and hot husband preached about not living a "stoned life".  In other words, it's the week after easter.  A stone no longer exists on Jesus' grave and we should live like it.  It was a great word that we all need to hear.  As I sat there I kept thinking about how I had spent the whole week wallowing feeling sorry for myself and listening to every single lie the devil (and myself for that matter) threw my way.  I was living as if I HAD to listen to that nasty sucker and simmer under that heavy cloud instead of living according to the truth-THE SAME POWER THAT ROSE JESUS LIVES IN ME! (which happens to be my favorite verse in the whole wide world)

So today I seized the truth and with all I could I decided to live a stone free life.  Today wasn't perfect.  I can still feel that heavy cloud hot on my heels.  But it was a new fresh day filled with new hope and new life.  And with that I begin (finally) to be thankful...

holy experience

1. The prettiest baby in the whole wide world
2. 4 blue eyes to stare into anytime I want
3. Family coffee date with friends
4. The END of the PGA Masters
5. A cell phone that keeps on ticking no matter how much baby drool it endures
6. My homegrocer.com mug
7. Giggling with my super silly little sister
8. Finding a great pair of skinny jeans for my adorable neice
9. My sister picking up some cute clothes and toys for Elli
10. Two lovely college girls bringing highlights into a very tough week
11. A fun trip to the NIKE employee store
12. Toby Mac's TONIGHT album
13. Elli's tiny hands lifted in worship
14. Elli crying out "mama" in the night for the first time
15. My cozy, cuddly bed
16. My very own blog-stalker Ms. D ;)