SO Thankful!

holy experience

17. Elli hiding the fact she can stand on her own and getting caught
18. My baby sister home for two weeks (yes, she's always this cool)

19. Playing games with great friends...AND WINNING!
20. A quick trip to the beach
21. A perfect text from my man at the perfect time
22. Spiritually relief after some tough inward battles
23. Praise Baby DVDs (thank you, LORD!!!)
24. Seeing Pioneer Woman with my mom

25. Witnessing for the thousandth time how out going my mom is (I wish I had inherited it)
26. Taste of Home 2000 "Garlic Beef Enchiladas"
27. A great missions Sunday at church
28. These beautiful smiles
29. Fuzzy blonde hair
30. A friend that's always thinking of me and others
31. A faith building lunch with a couple from our growing launch team
32. Elli contently playing with her puzzles

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