Miss Smarty Pants

Today, more than ever I realized how much I like to be right. (I can hear my husband now, guffawing as he reads that last sentence)  Those of you who know me, I fear are rolling your eyes or nodding at your computer screen saying "MMMhm!", but hear me out.

I realized today I like to be right in the sense of I like to be helpful.  I like to know tips and tidbits that make someone's day easier.  I don't do this to be Miss Smarty Pants (although I'm sure I've been interpreted that way many many times), but because I simply love to SHARE information (unforutnately I tend to share whether people like it or not, I'm working on that).  Perhaps this is because I love to RETAIN information.  It doesn't really matter what the information is about...baby food, hormones, cooking, crafting, space satellites...I just like to read and happen to easily remember.  I think I have a touch of photographic memory...either that or I'm a just a nerdy fact horder. (Stop smirking!)

ANYWAYS, as I was saying, I love it when I share a fact and it helps someone else.  I love it as much as learning a fact and it helping me.  For example, I love this helpful blog and was finally able to offer a tiny bit of help myself.  When I discovered I had helped I had this deep sense of thrill.  Is that weird?  Am I weird?  I am weird.

I'm quite aware that this trait is not without its downsides.  It can be annoying...especially to my husband.  But it can be good too...right?  I mean, what if no one ever shared what they had learned?  What if we didn't know the best way to make ganache or deter squirrels from bird feeders?  I'm pretty sure the world wouldn't be as great of a place...and there would be a lot more fat squirrels

Question of the day:  Do you have a trait that others may not appreciate as much as you do?  What is it?

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elizabeth said...

Blame the annoying part of this trait on your mother...I'm just sayin'!