Ree Stalking

I've mentioned before that I am a confessed blog stalker.  My stalking, however, pales in comparison to my mother's stalking capabilities.  I'm fairly certain my mom has an internal radar that dings in her ear before one of her favorite bloggers even has time to get up from their chair after clicking "PUBLISH POST".

Last night one of my mom's favorite bloggers (and quickly becoming one of mine) came into town for a book signing.  P-DUB was in OUR town!!!  There is only one thing better than blog stalking...that is stalking a blogger IN PERSON!  I'm only admitting this publically because stalking Ree seems to be something many people do.  We arrived to the designated hunting grounds bookstore and over 200 women were already in line ahead of us and nearly 200 more gathered behind us, babies, boyfriends and begruding husbands dragging along behind them.  I was amazed at the Ree-mania!
 Ree did a quick Q&A before the signing began and was HI-LA-RI-OUS!  Most of all she was one of us... warm, kind and very, very, real. Even though we had to wait several country years (with poor Elli in tow) before it was finally time for our BIG MOMENT few seconds with P-Dub it was worth it.  Ree was simply lovely...as were her boots.

Thank you for coming to this neck of the woods PW.  Even though you thought we all wore those dreadful Birkenstocks and attempted to speak into a mic stand without a mic it all just makes us love you more! 


Robyn said...

It makes me feel good that I'm not the only on stalking her... or taking pictures of her boots! Wasn't she delightful?

Susan said...

I wish I could have been stalking with you. lol

Leigh Anne @YourHomebased Mom said...

You should have come up and said hi!! Would have loved to meet you!! Wasn't it fun meeting Ree!?