Thank you to all who had us in your prayers yesterday. We had an evening filled with great people wanting to know more or be a part of Hopecity. I had a wave of awe and sense of deep honor wash over me last night as I looked at people willing to take this huge leap of faith with us. I am so excited for final decisions to be made and the first gathering of our real deal team. I know God is forming the exact group of eclectic people we need for our very special spot in Portland. If you could continue to keep us all in your prayers as people weigh there decisions to join us I would be so grateful.
On the home front we are making progress as well. Miss Elli has decided to be sneaky about her walking. If we are "not watching" she often sneaks in several steps from one object to another, but as soon as she knows she has an audience...PLOP, back to the floor. I'm fairly convinced she takes jogs around the house when I'm busy doing chores. How else could one tiny body make so many giant messes?
In the meantime she's apparently been practing her Glamour Shots pose. Too bad no one told her spaghetti orange was so last season.


KT Stewart said...

The picture cracks me up!! how does she know to pose!

elizabeth said...

She probably can actually jog...little sneak. :)

Steph said...

She is so smart!