Some friends of ours had a baby this week.  The new baby got me all stirred about about MY baby not being so brand new anymore.  I have been living in denial that she is growing and growing FAST.  She will be SEVEN months old tomorrow and I can barely believe it.  She's officially in the second half of her first year?!

While folding her gigantic pile of clothes (I swear, the girl has more clothes than I've had in all my years combined), I looked at all the tiny summer clothes that were either out grown or out of season and got a little sad.  She will never be this little again.  So how did I respond?  I did what every mama does...looked at all her newborn pictures and videos, cried a little,  and then started taking a whole bunch more pictures and videos.


KT Stewart said...

She is beautiful and I love her very much!

Ask For the Nations Ministries said...

She is so sweet and beautiful.I love her VERY, VERY much.

It goes by way too quickly. Everytime I see Henry wear something that was Malachi's I get a little sad. I want them both to be my little babies forever, but I want to see them grow up, too. It's so bitter sweet.

Brian Becker said...

I'm the most blessed man on this planet. Thank you Jesus for my beautiful wife and baby.