Tonight's Prayer

I haven't forgotten what You have done for me. I hold grace in my arms everyday and breath gratitude. Yet, I feel distant. I know I can't live without You. I know You are my sustenance. Yet, I feel distant. My life is marked with joy as I feed, change, cradle, listen. Yet, so much else I do is meaningless and makes me feel distant. I need You. I crave You. I can't be me without You. Please come. Please come breath on my wandering, wavering soul. I'm drawing nearer. I don't want You because there are duties to fulfill or people to impress. Please clean the parts of me that have those kind of thoughts. I want You because You are what makes me, me. The WHOLE me, the me I was meant to be. I want You because You are YOU. You are complete. You are beginning and end. You are whole, encompassing and the only thing that is fully true. Please come close this gap with Your grace. Please come wash away this compromise with Your mercy. Please come closer. Thank You for meeting me here. Thank You for loving me. Thank You for drawing me in. I have needed this fresh air. I can't see You, yet, I know You are here.

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