Friday Favorites: blog, blog, blog

Lately I've been a blog addict. Most of the blogs I follow of late have just been so easy to connect to, bringing laughter, tears and comeraderie. It's strange because I don't actually know these people (which I have to remind myself), yet I feel like they play an important part in my life right now. Here are some blogs that I have really enjoyed lately: The Mom Creative (www.jessicaturnersblog.blogspot.com) One of the most creative, fun and innovative people at both work and home I have ever read Bring the Rain (http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com) Angie Smith is amazing! Once your read through her story, you'll know why I have come to love reading her Holy Experience (http://www.aholyexperience.com) This is actually a fairly new blog to me, but the beauty of Ann's writing overwhelms me with peace and God-filled richness Promise Tangeman (http://promisetangemanblog.com/) She's SO fun! An amazing photographer/designer/creator with an incredible passion Sarah Rhoads Photography (http://www.sarahrhoads.com/blog) Beautiful, beautiful pictures Church Planting Wives (http://www.planterwives.com) One of the bravest women out there, helping her husband plant a church on the Vegas Strip! Brandi & Boys (http://brandiandboys.wordpress.com) A pastor's wife with a mommy mission, I LOVE to read about her daily adventures with her busy boys


Baby Mama said...

all awesome blogs! i added them to my blogroll so i could enjoy too! thanks!

Jenn Becker said...

Baby Mama-You're welcome! =)