Friday favorites: Costco

I love Fridays.  It's our day to be just us three (it's still moving to say THREE) and to do whatever we want, pushing the "to-do's" aside as much as possible. 

Today we went to Costco.  Not because we really had to go to Costco, we just like going there.  What's not to like?  Here are my favorite things about Costco:
1. Movie Tickets. You can get two Regal (sometimes Cinemax or Century are available too) movie tickets for $15 bucks! That's $5 less than you'd pay at the theater! We're using some of them tonight as part of a much needed date night. 
2.Christmas in September. Brian and I are Christmas maniacs so to be able to check out the latest in outdoor lights, ornaments, wrapping paper and gaudy lawn decorations before Halloween is awesome! (no we do not put out gaudy lawn stuff...yet)
3. Frozen yogurt. This is our justification for indulging in a giant cup of swirl frozen yogurt...it's better than the hot dogs. And it is...right?
4. Giant Sharpie pack. I haven't done it yet, BUT someday I'm gonna stop just oogling and and find a reason to buy that pack of pens with it's 93 different colors!
5. Samples...that's right, I'm not embarrased, we LOVE the samples. Where else can you have mexican mango sorbet, garlic chicken pasta, bao, brie, go-gurt, Pirates Booty and joint juice all at the same time?! Only Costco, friend, only costco.

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Ask For the Nations Ministries said...

I love pens. I would live the sharpie pack, too.