Update Shmupdate

It's been far too long since I've posted something. To be honest, I've started a few posts here and there over that last few weeks, but ended up getting distracted and there they lie, incomplete, in my drafts folder.
In my last post I mentioned our "little" issue with rain. Brian and I were desperate for some good weather in order to complete some projects so that we could get our house on the market. Thankfully we had enough clear days (and a ton of help from great friends) to get everything done and I now sit in a spit shined house praying God will send a lovely family with lots of money to buy it. Sidenote: Isn't amazing that a 5 year old to-do list can get done in 10 days when you're no longer going to be around to enjoy your hard work? Weird.
Before(5 y.o. handiwork of the Becker's) After (ONE day's work by Jose. If you're local I'd be happy to give you his number) The amazing Chris helping Brian line our floors up just right :)
Beyond a crazy streak of house stuff our days have been crammed full with getting to know the fabulous team that has formed to launch Hopecity Church. I can not even describe how blessed I feel that anyone is willing to join us on this insane adventure let alone the incredible individuals that have signed on.
This past Sunday we held our very first Hopecity Launch team meeting. Everyone except for two were there. My husband, being the sentimental guy that he is, had the whole event photographed and we even signed a special keepsake document. As each one took turns signing we all shared why we were glad that the individual was on the team. It was one of those mushy gushy squishy moments that I'm sure we have all tucked away in our hearts for keeps.

This past week we also officially decided to become a part of Growing Healthy Churches Network. They are awesome! Brian and I went through there assessment this past January (in order to find out if we were crazy enough to do this whole church planting thing) and I fell in love with the leaders and their passion for church planters and the spread of the gospel. A few weeks ago we had a regional cluster with other church planters and I was again reminded why I'm thankful for GHCN. It's a weird and insanely hard thing to do, church planting, and it's great to meet and pray with other people who know exactly what this strange role is like.

Beyond the house and church stuff, we have one great big little thing keeping us on our toes...ELLI! She has officially learned to walk (WHEW! Barely made that 15 month old mark) and has decided that this walking business gives license to get into everything that was once off limits. Yep. This morning Brian caught her in the cupboard under the sink chewing on a banana peel she had pulled out of the garbage (YUCK!). We had only been out of the kitchen for less than 15 seconds! Needless to say I've been scouring every parenting book I own for strategies to keep her occupied and me sane. On the flip side I've never met a funnier toddler. A day doesn't go by that I don't crack up at one of her funny little quirks. Here are a couple peeks at what Miss Elli has been up to lately...

PS...uh...daddy was in charge of Elli's hair in video #2...


KT Stewart said...

Well E is so stinkin' cute!!! oh my goodness!!! I need to see her!!

elizabeth said...

I have the cutest granddaughter in the whole world!