Highs and Lows

Brian and I ventured up north this weekend. It was so nice to have a quick get-away and enjoy his sister's family (and their lovely water view). The older cousins were so sweet to Elli and she had a ball playing with the "big kids". Brian and our brother-in-law ran the Seattle Rock n Roll half marathon and had what they classify as a "great time". Running for 13.1 miles sounds more like torture to me, but you have to be proud of husbands that can do something so difficult and still smile at the end! Overall the weekend was a high note. This afternoon, however, things came to a screeching halt. Texts, phone calls, drama and discussions revealed things weren't quite so awesome on the homefront while we were gone. People are broken, humanity fails and revealing Jesus' grace through the dirt is our job...no, our PURPOSE. Unforunately, with the purpose come some serious disappointments. When the lows come, however, I'm always reminded of lyrics I hold deep, "The shadows prove the Sunshine...". When we see how dark we are, we can more easily see how lovely He is to love us. Grace will always prevail when we accept it. Highs and lows. On both ends of the spectrum, Jesus was here. Grace came through. God is good.

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elizabeth said...

For the believer, this life is as bad as it gets...these momentary light afflictions in the here and now...and eternal glory forever and ever.