Friday Favorite: Polished Piggies

I'm thinking about running away with this nail polish. I'm not typically a nail polish type of girl...mostly because I'm a perfectionist and it bugs me when I can't maintain salon perfect polish. (or maybe I'm just far too impatient to wait for my nails to dry AND cure and do whatever else they have to do in order to avoid waking up with sheet wrinkles imprinted on my nails)
This product, however, has shed a whole new light on getting a shiny new set of nails. It has a great brush, a nice thin (but not too thin) polish, tons of fabulous colors and best of all (insert fanfare here) it DRIES IN 60 SECONDS!!! What's better than that?!
I no longer have to wait around with my hands waving in weird positions while my toddler tries to redecorate the house. I can even fix a nail here and there without any real hassle. LOVE IT.
It also dries so fast that even cute-ever moving-little piggies can get in on some beauty action.

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KT Stewart said...

Salt water sandels and painted toes nails are so cute!!!