Just One Word

I've had a single lyric going through my head all week. The problem is I'm not exactly sure what the last word is. I thought I was sure...then I began to doubt. Either way the meaning is incredible. Option #1 (what I originally thought the words were) Just one word, just one word, just one word from You can shatter a thousand lives... As this line echoed through my brain my thoughts instantly went to Psalms 29. Before we had Elliana, I was a mama with empty arms. My heart was bruised and broken from loss and deferred promises. I clung to this Psalm with all of the strength I could muster. It speaks over and over of the power of God's voice. His voice can thunder over the water, split trees into splinters and move mountains as if they were pebbles. His voice can also bring forth life and fill His temple with glory. Just one word and our hearts can become melted and molded and never the same. In that long, barren, time and space I knew all I needed was one word from Him to bring forth His promises. One word from Him and my heart would be satisfied with whatever He had for me. One word and all I thought was real would fall away in order to make way for His truth and love. Just one word and we are ruined for anyone else but Him. Option #2 (what I think may be the actual lyrics) Just one word, just one word, just one word can shatter a thousand lies... Once I realized this may be the correct version I was a little disappointed. Then as I began to think about it the truth sank deeper and deeper into my heart. Hebrews 4 says God's word is like a sword diving into the deepest part of our nature, exposing our hearts, dividing human perception from the truth of the Spirit. For years I have struggled with lies. Lies about who I am and who I am not. Lies about what others think or don't think. Lies about what I can or cannot do. Filthy, rank, entrapping lies have bombarded me over and over. When Brian and I officially decided to start Hopecity Church these lies became so heavy I felt I could no longer escape them or even breath. Then God spoke His word and the lies began to crack and shatter. That's all it takes. Just one word from Him and I can see clearly. Just one word and I can hear truth over the mind spinning noise of the enemy. Just one word and God lovingly brings in His scalpel and cuts a line between the tumor of lies and His creation. Just one word shatters years of lying and manipulation. Just one word and suddenly I can breath and have room to bring Him pleasure. Just one word.

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Samantha said...

This is so simple... I needed to read this today :)