Saga of The Beast

FINALLY! We have had an official break in the clouds and have basked in all of the sunshine glory! Our tiny back yard even offered a little toddler adventure... It was a bright and sunny post-lunch/pre-nap afternoon when the beast appeared...

He. Was. Huge. I'll admit, we were intimidated at first, but curiosity rang supreme.

He was a fast bugger...but we were determined. Little did the he know we had a beast of our own waiting in the wings.

You're going down now Beast! We laugh at your attempt to escape! We speak your name with contempt! We scratch at you in the manner of the animal kingdom. You. Are. Finished....or are you?

We have conquered the beast! He shrinks away from our attacks. The only thing we fear is licking the slime ridden leaf we used for capture. (ok, well...that only bothers mommy)

The worm..eh-hm..BEAST is done for.

Moral of the story: On occasion sacrifices have to be made for knowledge...or at least a toddler's curiosity. Our apologies to the entire worm population and the offense they may feel upon viewing this film.


Stephanie Roscoe-AFN Ministries said...

Seriously, my niece is the cutest worm...i mean beast tamer ever!!!

elizabeth said...

At first I thought it was a snake!