Eating Frogs

I did it. I officially crossed EVERY SINGLE THING off of my to-do list two days in a row! I know what you're thinking. How could this be? Is this not the perfectionist turned procrastinator we know and love? Is this not the "I'm just so busy I can't keep up but the truth is I'm just facebook stalking too much" girl? Yes, yes it is...sorta.
I'm choosing to declare now and forever...I'M A WHOLE NEW ME! (please note this blog is in no way legally binding or prohibitive of the occasional backslide)  I don't exactly know how this happened, but over the last few weeks things have been beginning to click (not to mention I HAVE to keep my house clean for showings).  I could compare it to being lost in a deep thick fog for a really long time and then !BLAMO!  everything becomes clear. 

How did this happen you say? Welp...it all started with this post.  I needed help.  I needed motivation.  I needed an inner Billy Mays to smack me with a shamwow and snap me out of my apathy.  Like magic, this post appeared in my beautifully organized google reader (yes...my closet is messy and my google is organized..priorities people!).  The entire post is full of good stuff and fantastic links to other posts that have helped me tremendously.  One point, however, stood in large bold typeface above the others and it was this point that I believe pushed me around that last corner toward a complete about face.  Are you ready to read it?  Are you sure? 
Ok...here it is...I realized I need to

Eating frogs you say?  Yep.  Each day I get up and I start chowing away on frogs.  Ok, well not literally, but I am focusing on doing what I like least at the beginning of each day before I dive into what I like or simply don't mind doing.  I realize for all of you super scheduled, organized, over achiever types this is not a brilliant nor new concept.  I had even heard it before myself.  We even have the book accumulating dust in our office!  For some reason, though, it just clicked this time.

So, by creating a daily docket the night before, focusing on a morning routine, avoiding perfectionist disease and eating my daily dose of frogs first thing I AM A WHOLE NEW GETTING THINGS DONE KIND OF GIRL!