I'm Starving!

Yesterday and today I made a choice. The dishes needed to be done, I needed to take a shower, the laundry needed sorted, emails needed answered and the day needed to be planned out, but instead I sat on my couch. For weeks I've been making the choice to pursue all the things mentioned above, but neglecting the very thing I needed most, time with Jesus and His word. The results of these daily decisions led to unfortunate consequences. Not only did my home not get any cleaner (you should see the giant pile of baby clothes to put away, sheesh!) but, my soul has become unsatisfied, bored and hard to control. I've noticed a higher level of difficulty in staving off fear, capturing my thoughts, guarding my lips and working diligently. In essence, my spirit and soul are STARVING and it's beginning to show. So, for the last two days, I've made the choice to lay Elli down for her nap, sit on my comfy couch, grab my Bible (which feels like an old friend) and read, write and pray. [Today I read about the Proverbs 31 woman and noticed it wasn't her amazing homemaker skills that made her great (although they were amazing), but her fear of the Lord. I can't be the kind of leader, mom, homemaker or wife I want to be with a starving, fearless soul. So, putting off time with HIM in order to "get things done" was counter-productive all along. ] It's amazing how instantly my soul begins to absorb nourishment and strength from God's Word. Taking time out to feed my spirit and soul is worth it. In just two short days I can feel a difference. I AM different. I'm so thankful for God's faithful presence and His Word, it is truly satisfying. So, now that I've eaten my spiritual spinach for the day, I'm off to conquer dishes, take a shower, start laundry and fold what could quite possibly be the world's largest collection of baby clothes all before Elli wakes up. Lord, help me!

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Brian Becker said...

You're a wonderful wife babe. Thanks so much for having an appetite for the things of God - and more importantly - for God himself. Your the wife of my dreams!

love you,