Friday Favorites: Wedding Time

Some students turned friends of ours are getting married this weekend. I'm so happy for them and cannot wait to celebrate with them. My favorite things about weddings: Bonding while preparing: When else in your life do you get to spend countless hours with your best friends doing little things you inevitably will appreciate more then the actually guests? (aka tying tiny bows on anything you can get your hands on) Dreaming: Whether they're already married or not, every girl loves dreaming about all of the wedding possibilities. From the dress to the color of the table clothes, it's all covered in our imaginations. If only we all had unlimited budgets! Murphy's Law: With each wedding there is the inevitable quirk. Wrong flowers, dropped cake, drunk groom, lost priest, crazy mom-in-law, whatever it is it will pop up it's head eventually. I love finding out what this little bump in the road of matrimonial bliss will be. While we all dread it, these accidents always become the great memories of your special day. Lovey-dovey Emotions: As a married person, I love going to weddings and feeling that emotion that I felt on my own wedding day. It's wonderful to witness people experiencing those same excited, nervous, mushy feelings. Relief Party: aka reception. Call it what you will, but the reception (to me) feels like one big sigh of relief. The bride and groom have made it through the treacherous road of wedding prep without killing each other and now it's time to party and celebrate the fact that they never again have to have the violet v. lavender argument. ahhh, pure bliss.

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