Move over 8, it's about Jon & Kate

I know this may sound ridiculous, but I have been sad for Jon & Kate all morning (you know, Jon & Kate + 8, the TLC reality show about a family with a set of twins AND a set of sextuplets). Last night they announced the end of their ten year marriage. This in and of itself is extremely sad, but what is really eating at me are some of the statements both parents quoted over and over. "It's all about the kids." "My kids are most important." "We're doing this for the kids." "We're doing this to bring peace to the family." Each time something like this was said I wanted to scream at the TV. Their entire perspective seemed so upside down! Somewhere along the line Jon & Kate must have forgotten that their marriage was the foundation for their incredible family. I can't blame them, really, they have EIGHT kids under 10 afterall! To even go the bathroom privately must take a small miracle, let alone have time just for mom and dad. But nonetheless, Jon & Kate became swept up in the age old "lets put the kids first" mindset and left behind the very thing that would bring their family peace, a solid marriage, and with that, their family has crumbled. As I watched J&K+8 waves of compassion welled up in me for each member of that family and I was reminded to do the very thing J&K stopped doing. I love my baby girl with all of my heart, but I want my marriage to come first. It's so easy to get caught up in the daily hubbub of life. It's really easy to worry about Elli's well being and to think about her more than anything else. Easy, but not very healthy. God created the family and founded it on the marriage of dads and moms. In order for Elli to live a peaceful life with a great perspective of who Christ is, she needs her mom and dad to love and serve one another the way Christ loves and serves us. It's an incredible mandate that I long to follow. Jesus. Marriage. Elli. In that order. So, to Jon & Kate (and Cara, Mady, Alexis, Leah, Hannah, Aiden, Collen and Joel) thank you for reminding me to not take my amazing marriage for granted and to love my daughter by loving and serving her dad the way God intended me to. Even though I don't know you, I pray for God's restorative power to pour over your lives and for the healing of your family.