Answered prayer

This weekend Brian and I took Elli to Walla Walla for the first time ever. While we were there Nana B held a baby shower for us even though Elli is already almost 4 months old. She said there was a group of people that HAD to meet our baby girl. At the party we all introduced ourselves and as we circled around I was amazed by this room full of ladies I didn't know, but had prayed for Brian and I for YEARS as we tried to have a baby. Many of them even had tears in their eyes as they met Elli saying things like, "We prayed for this little one for so long, what a precious miracle." I am so thankful for these women and the countless other people I have never met that prayed for Brian and I while we struggled through infertility and loss. I will never know how many people sent prayers up to heaven on our behalf, but I do know that God heard them all and answered. God is faithful. He hears us even when we are praying for something or someone we may never see or meet. Our prayers matter. They grab God's attention just as the voice of a little one grabs our attention. This weekend reminded me to continue to pray for others I'm not directly connected to. The answer to that prayer could be the exact miracle those people need.

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