Friday Favorites: Summer

Summer has never been my favorite season. Please don't misunderstand, I love the buzz of fun in the air, the relaxed evenings with friends, but I HATE the heat. It's quite possible I'm the world's (or at least Oregon's) biggest wimp when it comes to rising temperatures. I do have a few favorite things about summer, however, so here they are: Swimming: Not much is better than cooling off in the river or floating on a lake. I'm so thankful we live in an area where we only have to drive a few minutes to a beautiful bunch of water. Vacation: I LOVE vacation! I especially love going to remote places (like Wanacut Lake next week, woohoo!) where there isn't any cell or internet reception. It's wonderful to just unplug and reconnect with each other. Popsicles: Eating a popsicle only seems right in the summer, why is that? Summer Camp: That's right, I'm 32 and I STILL love summer camp! I love cramming 350 kids into a room and watching their hearts melt in the presence of God. I love to watch the ridiculous games and hear the hilarious conversations. I love being with some of our best youth pastor friends for the week and getting to know new ones. I just LOVE camp! Flip flops: If I could wear them year round without getting frostbite on my toes, I would. I guess summer isn't so bad afterall. I hope you all have a fabulous one!

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