Pray for Kate McRae

I just spent the last few minutes reading through the journal's of Kate McRae's parents. Last weeks it was discovered that this 5 year old little girl had a brain tumor on the portion of the brain that controls motor function. Since the day of discovery Kate and her family have been in the hospital enduring countless tests, scans, a major brain surgery and the terrifying emotions that go along with these experiences. As I read through the journals my heart was aching. I feel a brokenness for Kate and her parents, I can't even begin to imagine the breadth of pain they have suffered and the overwhelming fight of faith they are in. How do you explain brain surgery and the difficult recovery to a 5 year old? As I read I also felt a sense of thankfulness. I am filled with gratitude for God's hand in this situation. Through the incredible network of churches, blogs and other internet sources, Kate's story has gone global and people all over are interceding on her behalf. It is so awesome to see God's people unite for this precious little girl that most have never met. I'm so thankful for God and His church. I don't understand why little girls get brain tumors or why parents have to wake up to their baby's eyes filled with confusion and hurt. I don't have answers for this type of situation. BUT I am convinced it is all in God's hand and He has a plan. I am convinced He hears his people and will respond on behalf of little Kate. God is good and His mercies endure forever. If you would like to know more about Kate, please follow the links below: Blog of Promise Tangeman McRae's Journals/Caring Page Video

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