Friday Favorites: Breakfast

Yay for Friday! In our house it's "Waffle Friday", in honor of Brian's favorite (and must have) weekend breakfast. All of this got me thinking...due to our love of weekend breakfast dates, Brian and I have discovered a handful of great little cafes and neighborhood shops. Here are a two of our favorite eateries in two fun areas of town. Alameda Cafe'- This corner cafe is number one in our book and we've been going there for years. Best french toast ON THE PLANET, no joke. The rest of their food is FABULOUS too. I love there california style eggs benedict also (no hollendaise for me, though). We've never been disappointed there. La Petit Provence (Alberta)- yum, yum and yum! This is the only place I've ever been to that even makes squash taste good! They have amazing omelets and a great atmosphere. They also have a bakery inside with beautiful pastries, breads and desserts that you can take home. If you had to choose a favorite breakfast place, what would yours be?

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Brian Becker said...

mmmm...I do love my waffles, but I love breakfast friday with you even more (and that's really sayin' something!)