Tonight I witnessed one of the most precious moments since Elli's been born. After finishing feeding Elli and getting her ready for bed, I laid her down on our bed to wiggle a while before bedtime. Not too long after that, Brian came home from a late meeting and knelt down beside the bed so he could be face to face with his baby girl. Elli gave her daddy a huge smile (as usual), but when he greeted her she suddenly became very focused and started "talking" in a way we'd never heard before. With an awed quiet surrounding us, she just stared straight into her dad's eyes and made sounds, gurgles and whispered squeals for a solid few minutes as if telling him all about the day's events and her cares and concerns. When she began to quiet Brian would barely whisper a word and she would start chattering all over again. You could literally them loving each other. It was beautiful. I'm so thankful for my baby girl and her wonderful daddy.


Samantha said...

This made me cry :) I love both of them! and you of course :)

Ask For the Nations Ministries said...

So sweet. I love to witness special daddy moments.