What are you reading?

I love books.  Have I mentioned that before?  Or maybe a thousand times?  I have had a love affair with books since turquoise and mustard shag and heavy polyester turqoise damask were semi-acceptable choices for a bedroom.  I think I was around 6 or 7 then and reading the Grandma's Attic series by flashlight, wishing I had lived in the era of baked potato hand warmers, shoe button rag dolls and pump faucets you had to prime (what was I thinking?!).

My love of books continues, but most of my reading time now consists of the great writings of Sandra Boynton rather than Jane Austin.  So, now instead of plowing through pages I write wish lists of books I'd like to read.  Some of them I've started but left abandoned next to my bed in hopes that I'd eventually get back to them.  Others are in the "I really should read this" category.  Still others are books I long to get into, to savor page by wonderful page.  All of these are on my list. 

Wonder what they are?  Here's a few of my latest (and not so latest) additions:

So Long Insecurity (Who doesn't love Beth Moore?)

Simplify your Life (I've had this forever, but my desperate need for organization has brought it back up)

If Jesus were a Parent (I've already started this and after just the first chapter think EVERY parent should read it)
Redeeming Love (the only reason I haven't started this one is because I know I won't be able to put it down)

Guerilla Lovers (Vince Antonucci is funny, real and challenging.)

I became a Christian and all I got was this Lousy T shirt (started this, loved it, had a baby, didn't finish it)

Forgotten God (I really liked Crazy Love, so I thought I might like Francis Chan's second book)

Boundaries (explaining why I need to read this would require a whole other blog post x 1,000)

Deep unto Deep (started this morning and I will never be the same, but I'll write more about that tomorrow)

My Sister’s Keeper  (I know, I know, a year too late, but I still want to read it)

Toddlerwise (the first two in the On Becoming series were great, looking forward to this reference)

As I look at this list, the saddest part of all is that I own ALL except one!  I'm beginning to think the best present I could ask for is a whole day to snuggle with a quilt and read with no interuptions.  Isn't that every reading mama's dream?
What are you reading?  What do you think I should add to my list?

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Susan said...

Oh how I love books and I am so thankful that Ryleigh has already started to follow in my footsteps. Her idea of a Mama and me date is Border's and an Apple Chai.
Here's to randomness...Just started reading Grace Based Parenting by Kimmel and The Prophet by Perreti. I haven't had a chance to pick up my copy of So Long Insecurity but will get it this weekend.

Btw - You've had Redeeming Love since October. Hurry up already. ;)