He Know What He's Doing

Wow, we have had quite the few fun-filled days!  In a matter of three days we had our little lovebug's birthday party with family, celebrated Valentine's day and the enjoyed Elliana Valentine's actual birthday on Monday!  I can hardly believe it...somehow between what feels like just last week and this week she went from a tiny snuggly mushball that I couldn't stop staring at to a sweet, goofy, ultra-genius (at least according to me), chatty, mobile toddler that I still can't stop staring at....can you blame me?

[Besides enjoying the most wonderful daughter a mama could ask for, I also had a BLAST getting ready for her lovebug themed party.  I can't wait to share with you about it...but due to a camera malfunction (or perhaps daddy malfunction) my camera was downloaded onto hubby's computer instead of mine and that will have to wait for another day.]

Elli is living proof that God hears our cries.  Her name, Elliana, actually means "The Lord has heard me".  He doesn't often answer in the fashion or timing we would like Him to, but He DOES answer.  His answers are so much more perfect than ours.  It feels obvious, but we so rarely act as if we believe these five words...HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING! 

I now have new cries that I'm placing before God.  Heart's desires, hopes and dreams have been spilling out with each breath.  This time, however, it's different.  I know in my heart that everything is working out in the palm of His hand, the same hand that formed my precious Elliana.

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KT Stewart said...

She is basically the greatest