First Birthday Madness

I promised I'd share pics of Elli's first birthday/my "craftiness" once I finally got a hold of them. Well...du du du dah...here they are!  Since Elli was born day after Valentine's and her middle name is Valentine I chose to include V-Day into her birthday and had a "Lovebug" theme.

One giant love bug  (made from foam board covered in tissue paper, spraypainted chipboard letters and glittery cardstock) and lovebug invitations (I got the ideas for these from here and here)

I think the invitations were my favorite thing from the party (and the easiest to make)

My lovely friend Chrissy stapled hundreds of coffee filters so that we could make these

I loved the way these pom poms/flowers turned out. SO SO SO easy!

Coffee filter flowers, lots of ribbon (clearance valentine ribbon) and glittery foil hearts (it looked a bit more dramatic in person)

Cake area-more ribbon, handmade lovebug streamer and paper accordian hearts that I found in the wedding section of the party store, coffee filter pom poms in the windows and a handsome man trying to get my skype account to work so that Auntie Katie could see the birthday girl

Old fashioned candy, Nana-made cookies, dipped strawberries, dipped pretzels and handmade nutella balls (I used this pb ball recipe substituting nutella, hazelnuts and subtracting some sugar)  I made the cake too (inspired by one here).

Elli became a bit shy during the Happy Birthday song

She had more fun playing with the cake than eating it

Her first strawberry (and her favorite food at the party...my little health nut)

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KT Stewart said...

Awh what good pics. you are so creative!