Confession Time...

I have to confess something.  I am a stalker.  Nearly each day I open my google reader and get a tiny touch of the butterflies when one of my favorite bloggers has a new post.  I devour it quickly, drooling over their great creativity,  wishing that I would win one of their giveaways so that we could email each other personally and (most embarassing of all) feeling certain yet again that if I met any of these ladies in person we would hit it off like old chums...maybe even be best friends.

BUT...they.don't. know.I.exist.

(insert huge pathetic sigh here)

When I started my own blog I had great visions of not only sharing my life with a few friends and family, but of being "discovered" and my humble little blog "going viral" (don't really know if that even means what I think it means).  I'm not really sure what I'd be discovered for since this blog has zero specific focus whatsoever, but that's beside the point (have you seen how cute my baby is!?)

After a while I realized how much I truly love to blog, but how inconsistant I am, unlike my best friends all of the wonderful people I read.  If only I knew what I was doing, then I could go to great events (like Blissdom or Relevant) and then I would meet my peeps  these people that bring a bit of joy and inspiration to my life.

Ah well...I may never be a famous blogger but I will continue to cyber stalk, try getting in as much writing time as a busy ONE YEAR OLD (what?!) allows and hope that my humble little blog will bring a bit of its own joy and inspiration into your life.


elizabeth said...

Oh show me how to do the strike out thing...and we will get discovered if we go to Relevant...I just know it!

Steph said...

I loved reading that blog post. So cute and I know I do the same thing sometimes.

elizabeth said...

I gave you a beautiful blogger award...check it out on my blog!