Prayin' for Verve

Verve's building certificate has arrived!  WOOHOO!  Thanks so much for your prayers.  I can't wait to hear how there launch goes!
At first this may feel a bit out of place since my posts have been so sparse lately, but I just HAVE to let you know about something!

For well over a year Brian and I have been following the journey of Vince and Jen Antonucci via blog stalking.  Last year they packed up their family and moved to Las Vegas.  Their mission was to plant a church ON THE STRIP!  That's right, a church ON the strip FOR people ON the strip!  Their vision is so crazy, big, scary and AWESOME that I can't help but get excited everytime I read the latest update.

They have now been in LV for a year and are launching their church, Verve,  this Sunday!  They've been doing amazing thiings over the past year and I believe their church is going to successfully reach a group of people that need Jesus the most.

A few things need to happen, however,  in order for their launch to be pulled off.  They are wrapping up a big remodel project on their warehouse space and are STILL waiting for the city's occupancy approval.  Yep, 5 days 'til launch and a pretty big hurtle still needs to be jumped.  This is where you come in.  Will you pray with me for this church plant?  Will you pray that everything will go through in time and that they have an incredible launch day?  Jesus longs for us to invade darkness with His light and that's exactly what this team is doing.  Isn't awesome that we can be a part of this great invasion through prayer?!

Feel free to pass this info along, the more prayer the better!

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elizabeth said...

I will pray right now!