I just finished reading a blog by Jennifer Antonucci about expectations. Her basic point was that when we place our expectations on people we are bound to be disappointed and our expectations should be focused on God. This got me thinking about how many times I've placed expectations on people without them ever knowing it. The results almost always end up the same, anger, hurt or bitterness on my part and complete oblivion and freedom on theirs which in turn fuels even more anger, hurt or bitterness. Lately, I think I've not only put way too many expectations on people, but I've also allowed myself to not take any responsibility for my lack off communication with those around me. This has lead only to my disappointment or frustration. It has also short-changed the people I love and work with due to the fact that my false expectations stunt my ability to see what others are doing well and to praise them accordingly. So, my goal is to do two things. First, I must go before God and ask Him to help me to have appropriate expectations towards Him and towards people. I must regain the proper balance that puts my faith in God and His sovereignty rather than in man. Second, I must develop the leadership, courage and discipline to communicate with others my needs or expectations. This of course, will require a good chunk of humility, but to live free of bitterness or disappointment towards those I care about makes it worth it.

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