Still Spinning...

I'm realizing more and more over the past few months how much of a slow processor I am. I've been home from the hospital for nearly 5 days and still haven't quite been able to jumpstart myself back into normal life. I literally woke up today not having a clue where to start my day. This practice is not normal for me. I usually lay down to sleep with a 'to do' list in my head and then wake up with an even longer list. This morning I've spent time reading my Bible and trying to regain some footing so I can face my day with some normality. All while reading my mind kept wandering to my inner questions, 'Why does it take me so long to process? Why am I so cautious? Is it a good thing or a bad thing or both?' I haven't gained any answers to these questions, yet I do know two things. No matter the season I'm in, I (#1) don't ever want to be so cautious or detailed that I miss the moment to jump into something fantastic that God may have for me, nor do I (#2) want to be so hasty that I avoid listening to wisdom or warnings from the Holy Spirit and cause needless pain or struggle. For now I'm going to sit down with my planner, pray for clear vision, make my lists, and hopefully the spinning from the past week's events will end.

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