Ponderings of a prego

Pregnancy does weird things to you. Today I discovered these strange bumps on my wrist due to really dry skin, one of baby-cookin's great side effects. My hair is different, my memory is weakening, I have a hard time staying awake past 9:30pm and sleep now requires a minimum of 3 pillows all strategically placed. I've also succumbed to the stereotypical cravings, but even those seem weird to me. For example, never in my life have a even liked beets, let alone got excited about them. Now, I can sit down and eat a bowlful with joy and then marvel at the pink tinge that later results in the toilet (sorry, TMI). I've also fallen in love with sprout and ham "burritos". That is a piece of deli ham wrapped around a giant glob of fresh clover sprouts, MMMM! Above all, the one of the strangest things about being pregnant is also one of the most wonderful. I wake up nearly every morning and can feel my daughter doing her morning tap dance routine on my sides. I then eat breakfast and she does a few rounds of kickboxing with my belly button. The rest of the day she spends time rolling around, occasionally giving me a reminder or two of how strong she is becoming. I then lay down to sleep and there she is again dancing to the music of her mommy and daddy talking and winding down for the night. I LOVE it! I love HER! I'm amazed as each day my love for her grows and grows and I haven't even met her yet. (deep, thoughtful sigh...) I'm so thankful and so in love. Thank You, Jesus! =)

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