Welp, getting back into the swing of things was a little more difficult than I anticipated this week, but I still made some definite strides forward.  As far as my goals from last week go here's how I did:

1. God: I did get up before Elli the days we were home this week and it was awesome!  I really enjoyed knowing I started the day off right and it really kept me focused on staying connected to the Holy Spirit throughout the day.

2. Family: I did ok on keeping up with things until Wednesday (the day I had to get ready for our trip).  Things just began to pile up (literally) as we prepared for our trip due to some unexpected meetings and such. So...we came home to a cluttery mess.  HATE THAT!!!  Thankfully I have a full day at home tomorrow and all will be made well.

3. Health: ugh, don't even want to talk about it.  I utterly failed in this area.  I didn't do one thing the way I wanted.  Why is this so hard for me?  I'm thankful for a new week and another fresh start in the morning.

We did have a lovely weekend in Lincoln City with a group of our leaders.  It is amazing to me how God orchestrated the event.  It is now apparent that He had His hand in who went and that He cares about every detail, even chemistry.  It was an awesome time to hear one another's hearts and to start looking toward what God has for our ministry in this next season.

I'm looking forward to this week and to keep honing in on what God has for me and Him.  My heart is burning to be intimately connected to Christ and His Spirit throughout the entire day.  I love Him and I want to love Him more.

What do you want out of this week?

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