Picking up my purpose...again

For the past few weeks I have become a blur.  I have stopped living with purpose in mind.  I have let random schedules, undone to-do lists, phone calls, emails, and most of all selfish desires rule my days.  Rather than falling asleep feeling content that I walked in God's plan for my life that day, I toss and turn knowing I wasted so much time or used so many weak excuses to avoid challenges.  To sum it all up, you could say I have allowed my days to be tossed to and fro, afloat on a sea of meaningless actions. (How's that for sounding philosophical! ha ha)
For example, there are 3 areas in my life that are my BIG DEALS:
1. God
My hearts cry is to be in constant communication with God, to cling to the heart of Christ and to walk in the Holy Spirit's power.  Out of this flows everything else. 

2. Family
If I am to be good at one thing.  I want it to be at being the best wife, mama and homemaker possible. 

3. Health
I need endurance, energy and confidence to be who God created me to be.  My unhealthy weight is what's robbing me of these things. 
These 3 things are huge to me, yet each day they become minimized by my lack of organization and determination. 

So here is where I am grabbing the bull by the horns.  I am going to live the way Christ meant me to live, ON PURPOSE!   So, where do I start?  This week I'm going to focus on just one thing in each area. Here are my focuses for this week:

1. God: I am going to focus on putting God first by being with Him first.  I am going to get up BEFORE Elli (this is definitely a challenge for me) and spend some time with Jesus FIRST rather than wait until nap time (which usually ends up difficult because I realize how much else needs to be done in the house while she's sleeping).

2. Family: This week is SUPER busy for us, so I am going to focus on keeping up the laundry and cleaning so that we can live as chaos-free as possible. (For pride's sake I must say, our house is not usually that messy, but the clutter monster always tries to move in when life is going fast)

3. Health: I have already established a very challenging goal (-5 lbs by Thanksgiving), so this week I am going to focus two things.  Writing down what I eat and drink and walking outside at least four times.

What are you going to do to live in your purpose this week?


KT Stewart said...

You can do it Jenn! This week I am going to make a conscience effort to seek God first. Even when surrounded by prayer it is easy to not interact with God as much as I want to:)

elizabeth said...

Time with God BEFORE I check my email, FB or blog!

Brian Becker said...

I'm proud of you babe! May God's grace fill you through and through.

p.s. I love the picture of us on your blog with Elli sandwiched between us!

Lauralee St. Clair said...

Jennifer, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your honesty. It has caused me to look at areas in my own life that need refining. Thank you. :)