Chicken and Green Beans

holy experience

It's been one of those days...for a few days now.  First it was me, now it is baby all stuffed up, achy and feeling yucky.  Contentment comes in small bursts in between fitful sleep and whining discomfort.  Yesterday, however, we received a sudden window of joy.

Due to illness, it's been a few days since real and true connection and my heart was longing, missing the One.  Baby and I sat down for breakfast and said a small  familiar prayer, "Thank you, Jesus, for this food, bless it to our bodies, amen."  With an urge in my spirit I added one more simple phrase, "We miss you, Jesus, please be here today."  The meal was finished and then we went on to play, struggle with runny noses, and, finally, nap.

We prepared to sit down once again, this time for chicken, green beans and applesauce, my attempt for a rounded baby meal.  The quiet, germ-filled air needed something.  I choose a Julie Meyer cd based on a tiny tug I feel in my heart.  Worship and praise began to fill the room as we worked on learning to both chew chicken and like green beans.  Words of desire to know God pour all around us.

Soon we are worshipping.  Hands in the air in between miniscule bites of lunch.  I'm thankful for food for our bodies and spirits.  Rythm and lyrics of joy and dancing begin to bounce throughout the kitchen.  We are whisked away in our own private time of celebration.  Food waits as we whirl, twirl and hop before this precious loving God that has overwhelmed us with the goodness of love and the provision of promise. 

I missed the One and He came with joy...right in the middle of chicken and green beans.


elizabeth said...

This makes my heart so happy!

Greg and Mindy said...

Wow, Jenn. This is beautiful. We all need more moments like this. This is TRUE LIFE.