Sunday Night Confessions

I'm tired.

I took a bless-ed (you have to say it like that) two hour Sunday afternoon nap.  It's been far too long since I've done that.

I'm still tired.

I want chocolate.  Specifically, this.  Nothing tops it.  Except maybe something from here.

I also want ice cream.  Crazy ice cream.

I'm in desperate need for the kind of novel that swallows you up and spits you out wanting more.  Vacation is in 5 days, people.  I'm getting a little panicky!  Help me!

My patience was pretty darn thin yesterday and today. (Note top of list)

Elli still declared me her "greatest bestest mom" after being tucked in for the 53rd time.

Kids give far more grace than we deserve.

I could learn a lot from my cute and short housemates.

I have about 1287 things to do before Friday.

Since returning from out of town my house smells weird and I cannot figure out why.  (Grossed out? Me too.  Add it to the list.)

I bought a gorgeous old mirror for $10 from a neighbor.  It weighs 42 tons.  I guess that's a good thing?  I'll show it to you soon.

I have eaten more bread today than I have in the last two months-combined.

Last night I painted my nails "midnight magic" in the middle of summer.  In bed.  I felt like living on the edge.  Wild-I know.

I think I'm really funny.  If only everyone else would realize how funny I actually am.

I want to think of more things to  confess, but I just lost focus.

If you don't hear from me much this week it's because I'm scrambling like a headless chicken to prep for vacation.  Then again, you may hear from me a lot as a procrastinate down to the wire!

Until next time!