Friday Favorites...it's raining. again.

It's dark and gray and mid-March.  I can hear the Madness in the background as I peruse my long list of blogs.  I'd love to be writing this with more wit and spunk today, but it's just not in me.  It's a cuddle in a down comforter, drink a pot of coffee and watch your favorite movie kind of a day...but, alas, I have a two year old who has yet to discover the beauty in doing nothing.  So, it will probably be more of a keep the damage to a minimum, read the same books repeatedly, dress/undress baby dolls, build blanket "nents" and drink a pot of coffee kind of day.

I think I'm ok with that.

In the meantime, here are of few of my recent (and random) favorite things:

The Table Project : this is a fantastic social media tool my husband stumbled upon.  We just recently launched it at hopecity and it has proven to be a great way to help gel our brand new community.

This Message: Brian and I had the chance to visit one of our favorite local churches and hear a friend speak on Romans 6.  I love the beauty and simplicity of the gospel that shines through.  True hope.

I totally want to make this recipe for Elli (when I do, I'll let you know how it turns out).  She has a serious love for "doe-fish".  Serious love.  I don't buy them, however, because I don't want to encourage empty or processed foods.  This homemade version seems to have a little bit of redeeming value. 

Strong Love is by far the most played album in our house right now.  Elli and I LOVE it.  You can't really go wrong with a little Jon Thurlow in your life.

This DIY project.  I can't wait to move (ugh, will that EVER happen?!) and possibly experiment with this somewhere in our new house.

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elizabeth said...

I have so been wanting to try the goldfish too. And to give the table project a try for Truelife too.