Buyer's Remorse

It's been FOUR long months of living with naked walls, blank surfaces and a big empty front room since the great real estate tragedy of 2010.  We are so over it...well, at least we're telling ourselves we are. 

What we really are over is the ridiculously hollow feeling of living in a blank, packed up house.  I. HATE. IT.  I don't enjoy coming home to a rug.  Yep, a rug.  That's what you see when you walk into our house.  A sad, lonely, 9x12 striped rug that I don't even like anymore. 

This weekend we finally decided enough was enough.  Even though house showings only seem to serve the purpose of reminding us to pick up after ourselves, the house is going to sell eventually (...right?!  right?!!) and we will need a new furniture for our next home.  So, we bit the bullet and went couch hunting...with our two year old.  Good times.

The "big hunt" consisted of only going to two stores.  At the first store we found a decent sofa for a great price, but I couldn't just settle without looking elsewhere...that would just be weird. At the second store I fell in love with this big billowy soft nest of a sofa that reminded me of those light and comfy rooms in Cottage Living (man I miss that magazine!).  It was simply lovely...and white.  Yup.  We had a great moment, Billows and I...until we were forced to flee the scene due to a certain toddler's ability to smear snot across a few cushions.  That kind of ruined things for me.
Doesn't he just make you wanna snuggle?

We continued to look around and suddenly landed on the absolute opposite of good Ole Billows.  The next thing I know we had purchased a couch! A tight, tufted, super cool, clean lined, mid-century-esque couch is now on order in my name.  I'm not sure how to explain my thinking process at the time, but I'd like to blame it on an out of body experience or something. 
Couch Super Cool is actually going to be a grey-taupe inappropriately named Mocha

As soon as we left the store I began to panic inwardly.  I knew immediately we had made a mistake, yet I didn't turn around.  I went home and looked up every couch imaginable and still couldn't figure out why I had been so friendly with Couch Super Cool in the store and so enemies with him out of the store.  Don't get me wrong, he's very pretty...and cool.  My style, however, not so, um, cool.  I like old, lived in, found things with a story mixed with new comfy things that you can imagine drinking coffee, barefoot, with your bff on. 

YET, Couch Super Cool seems to have magical powers.  I went back to the store the very next day (again with a 2 year old, good times.) intent on begging for a full return of my money.  Before I did, however, I decided to see what was cause me to make such an impulsive decision.  I walked up to Mr. Cool and lo and behold he sucked me right back in.  Like a bad boyfriend, I couldn't shake him.  Maybe it's his fancy tufts.

So...in 6 weeks Super Cool will be coming to the Beckers.  He may stay or just be an expensive guest.  Either way, no more empty room for us!


elizabeth said...

Hmmmm....you are just like your mom. Not that I would know about buyer's remorse or anything.

Samantha said...

Like a bad boyfriend! hahahaha.... Oh man... I'll drink coffee on him. You'll have to make big billowy pillows to help adjust!

Ron said...

I am truly amazed at your ability to put your thoughts on paper and write a blog such as this. I knew my son was a great writer, but to have two in the same family is astounding. Very entertaining, informative and just plain fun. From 1/4 of the great grandparents previously mentioned.....Ron (Ellie's #1 PaPa):)

Susan said...

A friend has "Mr. Cool" in a burnt orange. I must say it is pretty stinkin' cool. :)