Chick Flicks...

My husband, Brian, is doing a series at Switch called "Living with Leverage".  Tonight he'll be discussing purity, specifically, purity in romance/sex.  So...with this in mind (and at his request), I'd like to list my top 5 all time FAVORITE romantic chick flicks (I had to label them romantic because Beaches would be on my top 5 overall):

Please Keep in mind this was REALLY hard to narrow down:

5. The Wedding Planner : Matthew McConaughey/J-Lo and a classic "just about to marry the wrong one, but runs after the right one in the end" plot...sigh

4. Woman of the Year:  Few scenes are better than Hepburn attempting to make waffles in order to get back her man. 

3.  Pride and Prejudice: Doesn't matter the version...every girl wants a Mr. Darcy...

2.  Sleepless in Seattle: Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks/top of entire state building/"It's you."...need I say more?

1. Affair to Remember: There is no better romantic movie than this Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr "love against all odds/put others first" flick...I can literally quote the entire movie and STILL cry when I watch it.  Not even anger or misunderstanding could stop their love, hope prevails!!!...double sigh

Honorable Mention: Some Kind of Wonderful, Sweet Home Alabama, Sabrina, You've got Mail, Desk Set, Roman Holiday, and just about any Julia Roberts or Sandra Bullock movie from the 90s.


Baby Mama said...

good choices! i LOVE pride and prejudice!!

Brian Becker said...

good job babe...don't forget - I'll deny it if you tell anyone I like these movies!

Steph said...

Good choices. I haven't seen a couple of them, but I want to. :)