Pastor Wives need friends too

As a pastor's wife it is hard to find true kindred spirits.  It's different for us than it is for others.  Our schedules are weird.   Nine to five is not in our vocabulary.  Vulnerability always partners with risk.  Leadership is rarely something you can put to rest while chatting over coffee.  Finding friends who "get it" and you feel safe with is rare.  Today, as I listened to the Just One conference from Leading and Loving It, I was reminded how important it is to find these kinds of friends. 
While I have some amazing close friends, none are in ministry.  My heart began to ache a little as I both listened to Lisa Young speak of friendship and breathed prayers for a deeper connection with someone.  I need a friend(s) who gets it, who feels the same vulnerabilities and passions.  So, I pray.  This time with intention.  Lord, provide for me.  Provide for others I know. 

If you're in ministry and are feeling the squeeze of isolation, PRAY!  If you have a female ministry leader in your life, PRAY that she will have replenishing relationships.  God created us for relationship.  He hears and will answer.

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Steph said...

I will be praying for this need.