Moving Confessions

This is what my living room looks like. (well, not *really* but I can't get my camera to cooperate with me today)  Yep, in all of it's moving splendor.  Have I mentioned to you how much I dislike moving?  I don't mind the unpacking part, it's like rediscovering all of the stuff you already had.  The packing, however, I could do without.  Where are a few good house boys movers when you need 'em?

I have worn a ponytail and glasses for two days in a row now.  That's code for I haven't showered would rather be in my pajamas drinking chai than wrestling flattened cardboard into cube shaped submission. 

My daughter doesn't necessarily need a nap right now, but I saw the hint of a yawn and took full advantage of the opportunity.  I'm pretty sure that means she'll wake up at 5am tomorrow.  That's okay, daddy can handle it 'cuz mommy is still in a coma at 5am.

I'm currently debating which list item to avoid first...laundry or clutter pick up.  I do not think I will ever learn to love either.

A giant caffeine and sugar riddled Dr. Pepper sounds delightful even though it's not yet 9am.  Too bad I've sworn off the hard stuff.  I'm forcing myself to sip on water.  I've heard good ol' H2O is supposed to curb cravings.  I've been trying that for about 3 years.  It's not working.  Maybe I'll sneak in a diet DP on my way home from unnecessary procrastination-driven shopping running errands.

Writing this post right now is the last thing I should be doing with my time.  Sigh...you should feel sorry for me.  I know I do. ;)

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