Vacation at the lake

I said I would update you on our lives and since I don't want to be a liar, here I am!
Let's see...vacation was wonderful.  We had an entire 8 days to relax by the lake fishing and floating our little hearts out.  Of all of the activities to do (other than eat, which seems to be the main occupation at Wanacut) Elli most enjoyed all things having to do with dirt and gravel.  Nana B. brought her a cool bucket with a water pump attachment, but the only thing Elli wanted to do was fill, dump and repeat. 

Elli experienced quite a few firsts on vaction.  Throwing rocks in the lake, seeing a live trout murdered by her dad (I only say that because she screamed her head off when Brian knocked the fish out after catching it), playing in a sprinkler, eating a rib, taking a shower, wading in water and riding in a raft and boat were all some big firsts.  She also received her first cowgirl hat, which happens to be one of the only hats she'll keep on.

                                      (only E could still be a diva in a giant yellow life jacket)
                                                                                 (apparently cowgirl hats require air guitars)

As for Mama and 'Dada', vacation with a toddler is an entirely different experience than vacation sans children.  In order for us both to get some good laziness squeezed in we took turns napping, floating, and chasing.  Brian was sweet and took the morning "shift" with Elli and breakfast so I could indulge in some extra pillow time.  I took the scrubbing/bedtime "shift" while daddy went out on the boat to catch some fish.  In between Nana B, aunties and cousins also helped so that everyone got their share of Elli and relaxation.  It was lovely.

I never imagined I would be so happy with an annual vaction spot, but the lake has become a special place in my heart. 


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