More Random Updates

I totally should be cleaning right now.  I shouldn't still be in my jammies.  I should probably turn off FoodNetwork.  I don't want to.  So, here I am!  Ta Dah!  Ready for more updates?

Let's see...the launch team for Hopecity is growing!  We have met together 4 times now and each time I get more and more excited for our future together.  We recently have added a new couple who just moved here from Texas.  They found us via a maze of blogs that eventually connected to Brian's announcement of HC.  They're lovely people that have taken a huge leap of faith for the sake of a new season in their lives and we are honored to be a part of that new season.  We are expecting at least 3 more families to check us out at our next launch meeting August 29th.  It's hard to believe the favor God is showing us, but we'll take it!  (If you'd like to be on our mailing list or email updates send us your info to theoffice@myhopecity.org)  The next step is to work on our preview schedule/events and finding a location!

Along with finding a location for the church, we are scrambling to find a home of our own is SE Portland.  We accepted an offer for our house over a week ago.  We made an offer on a new house the same weekend, but due to mysterious circumstances the owner decided to pull their house off the market. SERIOUS BUMMER!  So, we are now on another hunt to find a home.  We have one real prospect, but haven't quite made a decision yet.  I"m so ready to get into SE.  For me that will make everything feel like an official new season.

I now realize this is kind of a boring post.  Hmmm...what can I do about that?  OH!  How about a random tip?

If you haven't grilled peaches yet this summer, you must!  My favorite dessert of the entire summer was by far grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream.  Seriously.  Just halve the, brush both sides with oil, and grill cut side down first.  When you can see grill marks or some carmalization flip the peach halves over.  Put a small dab of butter in the hollow of each half and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.  Shut the grill lid and wait just until the peaches start to soften.  Place in a cute bowl nestled next to a scoop of vanilla or butter pecan ice cream.  DELISH!

There.  Now it was worth your time reading this post. :)

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I love the randomness of this blog post!