And we're back!

Don't be alarmed.  I know the last time you heard from me was right before vacation...over a month ago!  Despite the rumors, I did not die, I did not immigrate to Canada, nor did I drift away on the world's greatest float while sipping diet Coke and coated with SPF 93 never to be found again.  Nope.  I simply...well...I don't know what happened really.

Oh. wait.

Yes. I DO know what happened.


Yep.  Summer, July and August in particular seem to have this mysterious ability to fill every waking moment with acitivities, appointments, visits and people all in the name of "fun".  My "not so crazy" summer calendar turned into a pencil smudged resemblance of a Jackson Pollock the minute we returned from vacation.

Don't worry, I haven't been miserable.  It's been a great summer.  I just haven't been able to settle myself down long enough to give you anything that would satisfy my perfectionist creative genetics.

Over the next few days I'll do my best to update you with all we've been up to.  Some of it I'm sure you'll care less about nod at and think is nice , but, let me tell ya,  some of it is a BIG and you wont want to miss. (No, mom, not, "I'm having a baby" big, but just a few notches below that).

I'm sure you'll be waiting by your computer clicking the refresh button over and over until then.


Samantha said...

regarding the last sentence...

You know Krystal and I so well ;)

Love you! This summer has been a great one...

Susan said...

I'm just glad you didn't immigrate to Poland to live with all your blog buddies. :)