Home Sweet Home

Today marks my official day to be HOME for a while. Brian still has one more camp to go to, but I opted out due to work starting up and Elli's need to get back into our normal routine for longer than 3 days in a row. While I'm so thankful to be home and stay home, it has been an awesome experience to go to more than one camp this summer. We have met some incredible students, leaders, volunteers and pastors. As we left this weekend's camp I sat cuddled against my cold car window thinking, "God's people are truly wonderful, I love them." It's been such an encouragement and motivation to witness what God has done and is doing in so many others. It has also been a true gift to see Brian used to impact the lives of other ministries and students. He's has such a special message and voice. I was especially moved this weekend as he spoke some things that I know he holds very dear to his heart. I'm so thankful for the honest and humble man I married. God has given me far more than I deserve and I am so humbled by His grace and favor. Now that I'm home, it's time to conquer the giant pile of "to-do's" and get back into the swing of things. So if there's anyone out there that actually reads this blog, you can expect more entries more frequently!

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