These are a few of my favorite things...

I've come to realize my blogs have been a bit heavy, so here are some of my favorite things from 2008. 1. Our 10th anniversary trip to Leavenworth, WA (3 days of Brian all to myself, great hotel, great restaurants [mmm, pear crepes], and I scored two fabulous purses in the village!) 2. Finding out we're having a baby (this of course tops the list) 3. Brian's loving accomplishment of some huge projects (hardwood floors, new molding, sprinkler system, garage organizational system, the repainting of our main living area, baby room, etc) 4. Another vacation week at Wannacut Lake with the Ogle clan (despite morning sickness, there still isn't much better than a week of floating on the lake and eating "The Aunt's" delicious treats) 5. A week at IHOP (this has nothing to do with pancakes) in January. (great time with Jesus, friends, a tour of a chicken farm and tasting root beer flavored milk for the first time) 6. Shopping for our quickly coming baby girl with Brian (each time it feels like a dream...thank You for Your goodness Lord) 7. A super cool valentine's date at this tiny restaurant in SE (Brian rocks at making great special dates) 8. Seeing Brian break his marathon PR TWICE! (Yay, baby!) 9. Going to the pumpkin patch with Ty, Kristy and the kids (Caden was very careful to find the roundest one possible) 10. The miracle of docs discovering my IC in time to keep our baby safe (God can use anyone for a miracle, even radiologist students) 11. Getting to be with Maudi, Malachi and the rest of the fam almost every Monday night (man, I'm gonna miss the Roscoe's while they're in Africa) 12. The Thanksgiving drive around Walla walla with Brian just before turkey dinner (the combo of Christmas lights and families eating dinner together in windows was beautiful) 13. God's awesome provision of our SUV (thanks Ron and Jill) 14. A relaxing and beautiful WHITE Christmas with my family (even though I'm convinced Dad cheats at Scrabble and Brian is sneaky when playing Life) and the snow days before and after 15. The first felt movements of Elliana (she's an acrobat now) Well, naturally this doesn't cover all of the great things that happened in 2008, but these are definitely moments that are close to my heart. I'm so thankful for all Jesus has given me.

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